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The 5 Questions to ask when choosing your Bespoke Interior Designer

You may be wondering.. where do I start and how do I find the designer who’s going to be the perfect fit for me and my project?

I’ve put together the 5 top questions people often ask me, to help you decide if we’re right for each other. These 5 Questions will give you an insight into things that are important to think about before you get started.

The 5 Questions will help to narrow down what you need to ask before choosing an Interior Designer. Careful consideration of the questions will take out any overwhelm you may have about how the design process works. An experienced Interior Designer will listen to your aspirations and guide you to create the unique look and feel you want for your home.

Before taking on a renovation, refurbishment or new build, if you ask the right questions up front and do the research, you’ll find the designer who’s the best fit and will save you time and money on your project in the long run. The designer will help you avoid making expensive design mistakes that can be made due to a lack of knowledge and experience in the design process, as well as helping you understand how to achieve a beautiful home.