The 9 elements of a successful Interior Design project – Your design Checklist

Interior design for a renovation or new build can be daunting. Especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

What You’ll Get from this Blog

Here’s everything you need to know to deliver your project on time and on budget. Without knowing these important 9 elements, your interior design project may not get off the ground easily. The project checklist below is designed to reduce overwhelm and help you avoid costly design mistakes. 

As a bespoke interior designer with over 20 years of experience, I get calls regularly from people who are renovating or building a new home and want some expert advice. 

The 3 most common Challenges people tell me they have

1. Lack of clarity about where to start.

The fact is, this is where most projects go off track. If your design direction and plans are not clearly defined you’re likely to run into some serious headaches along the way. I’ve lost count of the number of projects I’ve been called to assist on after a renovation or new build is well under way and hit a serious design snag. If you want to avoid blowing your design budget, make sure your project starts with a professional plan. 

2. Time to manage the project properly. Most renovations and builds involve a lot of moving parts. 

Firstly you have to manage multiple tradespeople. This is especially difficult if you have sourced a range of different tradespeople who are not used to working with each other. 

Secondly you’ll need to dedicate a substantial amount of your time to be on site to oversee and direct the interior design project. 

If you’re not confident in your ability to source the right trades and manage them, then I’d strongly recommend appointing an interior designer to source reputable experienced trades and manage your project, or you’ll risk some serious time and budget blowouts. 

3. Lack of confidence in design. The third area where people run into trouble is the design phase.

The worst (and most costly) thing is to get to the end of your renovation or build and not be satisfied with the final result. 

I’ve found that many people tackling their project don’t know what their style is, they can’t articulate what they want and don’t have the confidence to pull it all together. 

If you’re not confident about the look, the feel, the ideal colour scheme and style to suit your home, the best thing you can do is hire a designer who will ask the right questions to help guide you to come up with the perfect outcome.

The Project Checklist

Here are 9 questions a good interior designer will ask before they work with you on your home renovation or build.

If you can’t answer YES to every question below, I recommend getting some professional guidance before you start or your renovation or new build. 

These are the 9 important questions I ask my clients to ensure they end up with a finished home they love. 

A project is a success if you get what you want, in the timeframe you expected, for the budget you allocated. 

The carpenter’s law is measure twice, cut once. The designer’s law is plan first, build second! 


Have you finalised your colour scheme and paint selection? YES / NO


Are you convinced you have a functional floor plan that flows? YES / NO


Do you know what Kitchen style will work best in your space? YES / NO


Have you selected the Bathroom style you want? YES / NO

OR are you uncertain what will work best to suit your needs?


Do you know what Living room style you want? YES / NO

OR are you unsure what will work best to suit the rest your interior?


Are you clear about the furniture style, size, layout and colour scheme you like? YES / NO

OR are you unsure where to start?


Do you know which Window Treatments will suit the rooms in your home? YES / NO

OR are you confused about which options will suit best?


Are you clear about your home’s lighting plan? YES / NO

OR are you uncertain about what lighting style is required to suit your home decor?


Are you clear about the budget that’s required to achieve your dream home? YES / NO

If after completing the Project Checklist you now have some doubts or concerns, then before you make any costly design mistakes we recommend you consult an interior designer. 

Then you’ll be well on your way to a successful Interiors project!

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