What I’ve learnt from my clients over 20 years of Interior Design

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Announcing a new era for Susie Miles Design…

After 20 years of interior designing one-on-one with my clients I’ve uncovered some common faux pas people make. It’s this discovery and my passion to help people create beautiful spaces that has led me to this next exciting chapter. Before I launch into what the future holds, I’d like to share with you why I do what I do, my journey and how I can help you with your interior design!

What You’ll Get from this Blog

– Who I am and why I love what I do
– How I create designer looks for you
– DesignerSecrets Workshops
– 3 Interior Design Secrets that will work for you
– Upcoming Workshop – What’s your Bathroom Style?

Who I am and Why I love what I do

I was 12 when I first wanted to change the look and feel of a space. I didn’t love being in my uninspiring bedroom, so I begged my mother for permission to change it. To my mother’s dismay, I was talking a complete floor to ceiling colour and style overhaul.

I wanted to turn my bedroom into a space I never wanted to leave. For me that started with the perfect paint colour. You know that Tiffany turquoise? It’s a favourite colour of mine, it makes me feel good. A quest began to find the paint colour I had in my head. The colour didn’t exist so we had it mixed, the walls got painted and there was no looking back. My room became my space. My perfect retreat. My perfect colour is never far away and still inspires me to this day!

How I create Designer looks

I’ve often been asked how I do what I do?
When I walk into a client’s home I instinctively see a ‘big picture’ and direction for their interior. Yet I would never impose style on a client. Susie Miles Design is all about creating personal style by developing meaningful relationships with my clients. I work with people who are renovating, refurbishing or building because it’s really hard to do it yourself. I help clients understand their vision and style, then together we embark upon a journey step by step and room by room exploring design ideas to achieve the home of their dreams.

Interior Design Secrets that Work

1. START WITH YOUR BIG PICTURE – Think about the look you want for your home and tear out room images that inspire you from magazines, or create an online folder of images. Start a Colour Style Moodboard by visiting showrooms and collecting samples including paint swatches, flooring, fabrics or stone and laminate samples for kitchens and bathrooms. Look at your swatches over a few weeks, then start narrowing them down. You’ll soon see a theme emerging, this is the start of your personal style!

2. CONSIDER COLOUR AND FLOW – Look at the colours you’re drawn to in your Moodboard and even in your wardrobe. What colours make you feel good when you wear them? It’s likely you’ll use these in your interior design scheme! Flow is about having continuity throughout the interior, with colour and style flowing from one room to the next.

3. CHOOSE YOUR FLOOR – Do you know the floor is one of the biggest blocks of colour in your home decor? It’s important to start with flooring choice and get it right before designing the rest of your scheme.

I’m excited to be releasing a design blog each month and tackling some of the common faux pas I mentioned. If you’re facing your own interior challenges, please let me know by commenting and I’ll aim to answer them in my next blog!

Happy designing!