5 Interior Design Trends for 2024!

Shown above are trends in furnishings from some of my favourite suppliers.

It’s March, and with each new project here at Susie Miles Design we’re finding ourselves inspired by fresh new trends and innovative ideas that can breathe new life into our clients’ homes.

In this month’s newsletter, I’m excited to share with you 5 of the latest interior design trends for 2024, inspired by a return to global travel and celebrating a re-visit to bolder colours, textures and creativity from artisans and makers.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for 2024 interior design home ideas:

1. Bold Modern

This trend is inspired by global optimism and also takes inspiration from Art Deco and Pop art, focusing on playful geometric shapes and confident pops of bold colours in fabrics and finishes. Personally, I’m seeing bolder, braver colours being used in furniture, fabrics and especially cabinetry including kitchens, sideboards and vanities. Statement finishes include strongly veined marble for benchtops, glossy finishes and a return to chrome!

Think about uplifting your space with soft curved shapes in furniture like sofas and coffee tables. For living room interior design ideas, experiment with geometric patterns in rugs or cushions and don’t be afraid to try out bold accents by adding uplifting pops of colour to your living spaces. Think of musky pinks, plum, mocha, teal, sage green and /or navy (a personal favourite) in smaller accents like cushions or artworks.

2. Laid-back Contemporary

This trend never dies as it embraces our love of the neutral colour palette. It’s a cool and clean aesthetic. Contemporary interior design examples include glossy finishes and a fresh take on neutrals with pastel tones like soft blues, beiges and light greys, adding a touch of sophistication and uncluttered style to your home. You can use these colours in fabrics and finishes for larger furnishings such as sofas, chairs and coffee tables.

3. Eclectic – Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

What is the eclectic approach to design? This trend is all about individualism and personal preferences in interiors because it’s different for each person. We always start our projects by asking clients how they want to live in their homes? It’s about embracing the colours, designs and textures that you want to be surrounded by in your home, that make you feel good. 

One of our clients wanted an earthy colour scheme with orange, terracotta and olive, another client loves coastal colours like turquoise, navy and teal!

The trend embraces rich materials and warm tones including mixing natural timbers with an earthy palette of tan leather, chocolate and forest green with shades of burgundy and navy. Or maybe try introducing these stronger colours in smaller pops in your home.

4. Coastal Comfort

Influenced by the return of travel both local and abroad to European summers, this trend is about bringing a relaxed retreat-like vibe into your home with coastal-inspired interiors. So what is coastal style interior design? Think warm tones like pebble, sand, beige and soft corals with rattan accents in furniture as well as more sophisticated finishes including Venetian plaster surfaces and marble benchtops, creating a calm, serene feeling reminiscent of beach-style resorts.

5. Classic, Modern Traditional:

Again, this trend never really dies as it’s all about combining the ‘new’ with ‘retro’ in a thoroughly modern and chic way. It’s inspired by a passion for vintage fashion and exclusivity, blending the old with the new in interiors. Classic style interior design characteristics are warm, cosy, and chic. This trend is about mixing more classic unique pieces you love against a modern backdrop.

Think about introducing classic metal accents of gold, brass and copper in details such as bathroom fittings, cabinet handles and metal framing on coffee tables with your interior colour scheme. Colours include cream, caramel, tan, aubergine and warm timber tones.

No matter your style and colour preference, whether you lean toward bold colours and geometric shapes or prefer a more timeless and classic look, I think you’ll agree there’s something for everyone in this year’s interior design current trends.

By the way you don’t have to follow trends, they’re there to inspire you!

And before I go, in the spirit of International Women’s Month, I’d like to honour the remarkable strength, creativity and diversity of women worldwide. Women who raise families, run businesses and help to shape and transform the world around us, starting with our homes… be PROUD of what you do!

Happy International Women’s Month!

I hope this blog inspires you to personalise and create interiors you love in the colours and style you want to be surrounded by in your home.